Mysterious Nature: Strange ‘Ice-Fish’ With Transparent Blood In Japan Aquarium Baffles Scientists


transparent ice-fish discovered in aquarium in japan april 2013

This mysterious ocellated fish caught in the Antarctic Ocean two years ago has has no scales and completely transparent blood according to experts at the Japan’s Tokyo Sea Life Park. Transparent blood means its blood contains no haemoglobin, the substance that makes blood red. This fish spcies is thought to represent the first and only one in captivity anywhere in the world.

Currently researchers are baffled by its lack of the key chemical. The fish has no haemaglobin, which is what makes blood red and is the agent that carries oxygen around the body. They believe the fish can live without haemoglobin because it has an unusually large heart and uses blood plasma to circulate oxygen throughout its body.

the new transparent haemoglobin ice fish from antarctica in japan 2013

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