Strange Sounds And Loud Booms In Stow And Kent, Ohio Remain A Mystery – April 2 2013


stow and kent ohio loud booms 2013

What exactly was the loud noise that residents near the Stow-Kent border heard late Sunday night remains a mystery. It sounded like an explosion near the border of the two cities. Neither the Stow nor Kent fire departments responded or received any calls, but readers reported hearing a loud “boom” at about 10 p.m. Sunday. Stow Police said the noise was heard from several different areas of Stow (from Wickley/Seneca to south of Graham). However, nothing was seen or noticed out of the ordinary. Some suggested the noise might have been as simple as a car exhaust backfire, a meth lab explosion, a problem at the airport or even an electric transformer explosion. The latter can be ruled out since no power outages were reported in the area. Moreover, nothing unusual occurred at the airport Sunday evening. – Stow Patch

In conclusion, we will probably never know the source of this loud booming noise!

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