Strange Sounds Over Trenton And Grosse Ile Related To Trenton Channel Power Plant – April 23 2013


trenton channel power plant steam release april 23 2013

Several Trenton, Grosse Ile and Edgemont residents reported hearing a long and loud jet engine noise at about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 23 2013. Investigations showed that the high-pitched noise, ressembling the sound a teapot makes when water boils inside and the pot releases steam, was created while workers were restarting a generating unit. This opened a pressure release valve from which steam released for about 90 minutes.

Some residents said the noise sounded like a jet engine. Others said it was extremely loud and woke up and scared their sleeping children. One is sure: this noise was frightening since nobody could figure out what was going on! Many were than kept awake for long time during this night!

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  1. Dear James, awesome writings and insight. Yep kudos to the admin and anyone else who is in desire to observe and document without prejudice. I believe you are one of the few who are magically in tune with the earth as am I. I have only met a few and or can tell of them by reading what they may have posted on the web in their writings. I am not sure why there is so few of us chosen to comphrehend the coming of something truly unprecedented in human civilization. Yes the earth is changing for sure and not for the better of mankind. I believe it will not be good and don’t know what is really in store. A pole shift is very possible along with all of the devastation it can bring. But even if nothing else so dramatic were to happen, I thing the wheels are full steam ahead for crop failures, dead trees and plants, etc. and just look at all the floods and earth quakes and weather and drought, hail, wind, tornadoes, sinkholes, mass fish and animal deaths, bugs by the billions, disease, every thing you could ever imagine at such an excelerated rate. I cant help think but what if it all stopped tomorrow? Great however, the trees alone will not regenerate and they are all dying, so I question the worth of this thinking and besides I really don’t think it will stop until it proceeds to its ending. So I tried the positive push but its not working. Also look at the degeneration of society in whole across the world but especially in the US. Look at the greed, the money printing by the Fed, the corruption by the Coroporations at an unprecedented rate. Its as if humanity does know it is near the end and nothing can stop it, so everyone is out for the final hurrah. From me to anyone that is reading, what for the signs and try to get in touch with the earth for the final days. Look for the rate of increase in all things wrong, because that is your only gauge to the approaching end. I also think there is no escape. We were going to work on getting a farm with hundreds of acres and food, water, guns galore, but the more I though about it, it is a waste of time energy and resources, so I have given in and will just watch it all disappear. Lets hope its fast and good luck to all. The signs will be most dramatic in the trees health. Watch the trees, when they all begin to die and show signs of obvious health issues, leaf destruction and tree branches rotting off, you will know the end is not far behind and in the meantime you can dodge all the severe weather comin our way. I am so amazed that only about .000005 % of people notice anything in the world on an earthly scale. The weather is the obvious visual gauge for even the common human but its all the other issues that are so important for the big picture of what is happening to us and the earth. So is the cause of the pole shift or what ever it may be from planet X, or the galactic alinment, or an unprecedented sun irradiation, cosmic emmissions, aliens desire, I hope I get to see the end and know the answer, Unfortunately I am a toutured analytical android and have been all my life. It is like I was born wired to live until I know the answer to the end of civilization. But hey, it could be worse, I could have been born stupid and died before I see the end. So, love each day and love your children or your pets and whatch the events unfold around you. Best to all. James you may not agree with my ending but that’s ok, you have the insight and your in tune, thanks for responding. I wish we could develop a site where all who are attached to the earth could share there knowledge of the rate of acceleration of the end because technology is not gonna save anybody. The knowledge lies within the human sole and connection to the earth. If you do not posses this connection, you will never feel the earths pain and progression towards change. Sometimes I want to know all and other times I just wish it would come without notice. Fortunately, none of us will really know when and how the end will come and maybe it can happen very fast which would be best for all. Do you read all the other sites out there? Some are very helpful and informative and others are not so. But always rely on your inner being to find your direction of how to proceed. I don’t proof read anymore so I hope most of what I wrote made some sense. See you on the other side.

    • Dear Nick, thanks for the reply. I recommend you visit my website and download my Free E-book for more pertinent information for you and yours that may help you in your search for understanding just where we may be heading, and why. Keep the faith, but it would be wise to indeed prepare, as you seem already inclined to do so… visit I believe you can just click here above on my pic / name? and it will take you there. Best regards my friend, james francis

  2. Hi Nick, I really enjoyed your commentaries, and the passionate, sincere, intelligent questioning flavor it bears. Very few people are paying enough attention to this very global phenomena, and likely the majority of the earths population are totally unaware of the “strange sounds”. This website is a precious site and we all should be grateful to the efforts of its admin/creator .
    In keeping with the spirit of this site/forum, I would like to share some perspectives of my own. Indeed solar activity plays with our magnetic shields, but even more so, it is the core of our earth that is locked in a dance with our sun. I believe the jet roaring, metallic moaning, horn-like and now boom sounds
    (brontides) is a result of massive mutations happening deep within the earths core. I would not be so alarmed if the sounds were just being experienced in a few isolated places, and just a few times, but the truth is, to those who are listening to our earth, they have been heard/felt around the globe, in nearly every nation, and I believe in nearly every state in the U.S. and they have not let up in the last two years !!? It is my personal belief that this phenomena may be precursory geophysical events that indicate a pole shift may be on the horizon, in the manner of core/mantle slippage. It is no wonder that the people who experience the “sounds” first-hand are entirely bewildered and sometimes even fearful . Man perhaps has not heard these sounds on this grand of a scale in thousands of years . My thoughts and feelings on this subject are my own and I share them here without the intention of intruding upon the consciousness of any reader. Nor do I hold any academic title, I am just a soul, perhaps like you Nick, just a bro listening to incredible sounds, like nothing I have ever heard before, and one day in the future, I believe the recordings made, will prove to be valuable solid documentation of the workings and processes of the planet earth, and her cosmic tango with the sun.
    thanks admin, and thanks Nick.

  3. Great Job Administrator and the other comment. Yes you have been very informative and I am glad the Admin guy responded to tell me where the actual article came from so I could investigate further. Well, we are definitely in the Twilight Zone for sure. The reason I jumped at the Trenton, NJ aspect even though I could not figure out the Grosse IIe thing is this. Think about this for a moment. You live in New Jersey for 17 years near a power plant in Trenton and across the River is a place called GROWs landfill. You never in your life have heard a peep of a sound from the power plant. Now all of a sudden on the same day as the article in this blog states but alittle different time states a strange jet sound coming from a power plant in Trenton on the same day that I and others heard a strange jet sound never before heard. So how freaky is that??? I know there are a few other Trenton names across the country but to have two of the same names with the jet sound happening on the same day. So that is very strange indeed. So I did not jump to any conclusions and mearly tried to comprehend the misspellings what I thought might have been in the article which happens all time. But thanks to the Administrator giving me the source of the article I just 10 minutes ago could do more research to figure it all out. Thanks to both of you. You are definitely two very helpful people. Best to you both. and now we know there were two Trentons on the same day that both had jet sounds, however I cannot comment on the Detroit origin of sound because I do not live there and did not hear that sound, but can tell you ours in Trenton New Jersey was not from any man made source. I know every piece of machinery and industry in this whole region. I worked for the Government as an Environmental Enforcement Inspector and it was my job to know everything about everything. So on we go to figure it all out. By the way, are you guys onto any of the truth yet as to the sounds?? I am getting closer, care to share. The administrator was right in giving me alittle help not to jump on the Haarp thing too quickly so I have headed his advice, however you cant help but wonder why we have such a massive energy device which targets the ionosphere with such power able to cause such damage to the earth and humans when and where they want including the weather and jet stream if so be it. Anyway, I am getting closer to some of the truth and most probable causes so if this can be a forum for advancement of knowledge and we are all willing to share I am all for it. Currently, the most plausible cause for the earth sounds, booms and hums that I am onto and have discussed with my very smart son and that I just found is reference to a Russian Scientist who states that these sounds that we humans are hearing as never before are the result of a very very unbefore experienced active sun within its peak area of the 11 year cycle. The CME which are being currently ejected are of massive scale and more numerous then ever before. When they come and hit the earth they are stronger than ever before and cause massive ionosphere excitement and sounds, booms, jet sounds, moaning sounds, etc. I will write to you next time on his name and provide the link and you can read and decide for yourselves but it is the best explaination yet and I have been looking into this for 2 years now. And don’t ever expect the government to tell you anything. Do you think they know the sun is more active and may cause increase in skin cancer etc. so that is why they are spraying but not telling anyone because they don’t want to cause a panic??? what do you think about all of this. I know I know, I am a crackpot and darn proud of it. Hey have you guys noticed the trees are dying? They are drying up and dying from Hydraulic failure. The water cannot get through the trees anymore to provide for photosynthesis. Check out the scientist at Los Alamos Lab in NM they have an entire group working on it so it is well documented. All the dead trees fell during hurricane Sandy in our area and the other trees will slowly die and rot out in the next few years. Check the leafout each year which will be less and less. Watch for the leaf necrosis advancing worse every late summer and early fall with burnt leaves so very noticeable. There is also a blog for this at wits end, that is the name. Good luck and keep posting all the facts and observations you can find. Also did you notice people reporting that the arora borealis (sp) is more noticeable at a lower latitude and stronger lights than ever before. This can also be from the stronger sun and increased CMEs. The sun is most likely also the reason for the tree damage however nothing explains the increase in earthquakes, fish kills, landslides, sinkholes, red rivers, and oh so so so much more bad stuff going on. Don’t forget the increase in meteorites entering more closely to our atmosphere? I can’t figure that one out yet. Something is surely out of wack. Yes I know it is my brain cause all of this is certainly not happening. Tell next time. Peace all and God Bless.

  4. Uh, the Trenton and Grosse Ile above is that of Michigan and not New Jersey, Nick. (Downriver from Detroit) However, I do agree with Nick above as far as bogus answers being given simply to please the public, and also believe something bigger is going on with all these booms and strange sky sounds heard all around the world.
    Not all humans are stupid in general and/or dishonest, Nick. Many are simply uninformed. Just as you assumed it was Trenton, NJ.
    I support whoever is the admin of this site. Especially because I’ve heard strange sky sounds first-hand, so it gives me something to follow as far as other people around the world hearing them, as well. Also the admin usually follows up with explanations to the sounds, if possible.

  5. Hey guys, I just read your account of the Trenton, New Jersey Jet sounds. I live here in Trenton, NJ and heard the sound from 8:00 a.m. until about 2:30 p.m. Did not hear it at night but may have also been at that time. No Freakin way is that sound from the Generating Plant on the River, No way no way No Freakin Way !!!! I have lived here for 17 years and never heard that sound before. Why now?? Also if you read the internet and this sound blog, these jet sounds, boom sounds, etc. are being heard all over the world. I cannot help but wonder who in the world always comes up with these unbelievable excusses to appease the public. But in general humans are really stupid and do not question so if they are given an answer, any answer they can just say ok, we got an answer and move on with their lives. So you go your answer, but who makes up these answers all the time. I mean who is in power to do this. What exact person says we gotta make something up even though I know it ain’t what really caused the sound or fire or sighting or shaking or booming. Who makes this stuff up??? If any one can ever track the trail of the liers and show me proof of the person who actually made up a story to be printed or broadcast to the public for misinformation purposes, contact me at this blog and I will personally award you with an easy $10,000.00. But you gotta give me proof of the person who made up the story and the trail of how it got published. So on to the Jet sound in Trenton, NJ on April 24th. It was real, it did not come from the PSE$G natural gas fired electricity generating station on the NJ side of the Delaware River across from Grows Landfill in PA. No one can say where it came from cause we don’t know, but don’t say it came from somewhere when it didn’t. Also the “authorities” who ever they are on any particular day, were flying a helicopter over head for about 2 hours trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, although I can’t understand how you could hear the sound from a noisey helicopter while trying to find that same sound?? Maybe they were just hoping to visually find a source. Also to add some more on this blog. I was hoping to find a reference to the boom sound heard just north of Trenton, NJ area up towards New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ again ironically on the Deleware River, but just by coincidence, the river obviously has nothing to do with it. This boom sound was just like all the ones described on this blog and was last week during April 13, 14th. My family, me, wife, son 16 daughter 11 were walking in the woods and open areas of Washington Crossing State park and during the hours of 3 till about 5:00 pm. hear over 20 booms. We stood there silently listening and counting them. These are the same booms heard on Youtube and documented on this web and other web sites. I am so glad that all the sounds and references to these things are finally at my front door so I can personally verify them as valid and authentic and can’t stant when the authoritative excusses come rolling in. I pray that this site is not set up as a misinformation site, because the more I read on hear the more I see that ever sound heard by people has a caption of reason for unidentified sounds have been explained by such and such a reason. I suspect that some could be paid quite well for posting a web site for disinformation so anyone that wants to try and identify a strange sound, goes here then sees oh, that sound has been identified and can move on with their day and not question it anymore. If you are that person, please respond to me and admit you are paid to put up a misinformation web site, and tell me who is paying you and I will pay you a lump sum that we agree on for your information as to who is paying you to do this. If my post is eliminated, I will know I am on to something here. You know how to contact me anytime at I am no fool and I am no lier, lier everywhere. God Bless and peace be with you all. Call me the last honest man standing.

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