Climate Change Warnings: Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach All-time High! Danger Ahead!


Do we care about next generations? A study from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) monitoring station in Hawaii demontrates the opposite: The greenhouse gas has not been at such high levels for around three million years.

As shown on this first diagram, the carbon dioxide levels have reached its highest throughout human history at a record high of 400 parts per million.

Big change: The extreme rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere began before the Industrial Revolution mid-18th century

Human behaviorsuch as burning of fossil fuels and deforestation are partly responsible for this incredible rise from 270ppm to 400ppm.

Danger: Carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere is now at a record high 400 parts per million, and now experts warn of the risks of climate change

We urgently need to reduce our global emissions. We are indeed recreating the prehistoric climate,  where average temperatures were 2C-3C higher and sea levels around 20 metres above what they are today. These would have catastrophal consequences for everybody.

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If nature is your religion and earth is your temple, then change is needed! Believe in green energy and fight for a more environmental politic and world.

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