Tannerite Terror: Loud Booms in Summit Michigan Related to Explosive Rifle Target – May 7 2013


A loud boom heard in Summit Township was a one-pound binary rifle target made of Tannerite, a reactive compound designed to explode on impact with a high-powered rifle bullet. The loud report generated 911 calls from everyone in a half-mile radius.

Other loud booms and shaking reported around the States may be explained by Tannerite explosions (Latest case: Rutherford county in late February 2013.

Tannerite is legal and unregulated rifle target, meant to explode when it’s struck by the concusscion of a bullet coming from a powerful gun. It can be purchased over the counter without an ID or a background check. There are no age restrictions and you can buy it online. Anyone can buy it and there is no limit to how much you can purchase. You only have to buy the cannister, mix the two ingredients, shake it up, the directions say to set the container at least 100 miles away, and fire.

In my opinion, Tannerite needs to be regulated; the risk is too great. This issue is illicit use; people packing pounds of it together, standing much too close and blowing up whatever they feel like.

If caught with Tannerite, and illicit use, then you’re looking at a possession of a weapon of mass destruction charge, which is a quite serious charge.

Maryland banned the product last year.

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  1. Wow 100 miles away? I’d be more concerned with the rifle that can shoot that far. I mean seriously.

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