Mystery Booms and Strange Sounds Compilation: Canada, USA – May 6 to 16 2013


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Recent May 2013 Boom Reports

Strange Sounds in Abbotsford BC Canada on May 16 2013

I heard this all last week in abbotsford bc! Along with a high pitch whistling noise! I thought at first it was just city noise, but it went from 10pm to late at night (I went to bed at 1-2am. It was so loud it, I heard it over the tv!
Last night it, there was no noise, and it was silent outside! A few weeks ago, I was walking my daughter to school and it sounded like an airplane was flying by, but it never moved. It sounded like it was just hovering. It lasted a good half hour. I recorded it once it got home! I’ve heard this noise before, last summer it think, but at night. I remember wondering why this plane was flying so late at night, and why it wasn’t going anywhere! I thought I should also add, that on April 20th (I think), in the evening at about 8-9pm, I heard some booming sounds coming from the south. It sounded like someone banging on a dumpster, but when I looked outside, there wasn’t anyone out there! I posted it on Facebook, and friends from all over Abbotsford had heard it too, thinking it was right in their neighbourhood. This incident is where I learned about all the noises around the world, and became more aware of all this noise I was hearing! But from that booming in April, there has been this same noise as in this video, until a day or 2 ago, and I have to say, it’s SO SO quiet now! I’d have to describe the sound as a jet plane taking off… Forever! (The sound never really came or went like a plane does! And it happened night and day!)

Strange Sounds in Lower Manhattan may 15 2013

It just happened again, heard in lower Manhattan, 5/15/13 at approx. 9:10 PM +/- It sounded like it was coming from west side/or NJ. It’s extraordinarily loud, powerful, booming/banging — and somewhat rhythmical, starts and stops, with no rain or thunder, for many minutes.

Strange Sounds in Clearwater Florida May 12 2013

I heard this last night. I was in bed and thought a plane was going to crash into my house. It started and stopped abruptly. It last for about 15 minutes. There was nothing in the sky. No planes, no lights, nothing. I’m right off of the Courtney Campbell in Clearwater. I wanted to know if anyone else heard it and came across this and other pages. Really strange, what is it!????!!??

Loud unexplained booms near Bentley Kansas on May 12 2013

My wife and I live 2 miles east of Bentley, Kansas (NW of Wichita). We experienced a very loud boom today that shook the house and rattled the glass at 8:40 PM Central time. Another equally violent boom occurred about 4 minutes later. Within 10 minutes we had fire department and sheriff patrol cars patrolling up and down the road. I stopped a fire engine to ask what was going on and they told me they were trying to find the source of the loud booms. They were not able to locate the source of the explosions.

Are these booms related to the next reports? Bentley, Kansas, is 533 miles nearly straight west of Salem, Illinois, (below), where residents also reported loud, unexplained booms on the same day.

More booms in Salem Southern Illinois May 12 2013

We heard two booms today while in Salem, IL. The first was at about 5:25 pm. The second was about 5:40 pm. There have been other recent reports of loud booms in Salem that we did not hear, as we live about 15 or so miles east of there. The first boom that I heard personally was exactly one year ago today, on May 12, 2012 at 9:47 pm, in Iuka, IL. I find it bizarre that the only booms that I have heard personally were EXACTLY one year apart.

Loud thunder/boom in Northern Utah County Utah May 9 2013

On May 7th, around 5:30 to 6:00 p.m., there was a thunder unlike anything I’ve ever heard before in my life. It was cloudy and a mild storm was threatening, but no rain at that point. The thunder sounded like something crashing into or onto the house. It went on for a longer period that I would have expected and increased in intensity. It was probably only a few seconds, but it seemed very strange. The house rumbled and rattled. I was in a room that would not have shown the lightning that accompanied it but I heard from others that there was lightning.

At first I thought it could be the beginning of an earthquake or a tree falling. If I had been downtown, I would have thought it was a building crashing to the ground. When I realized it was probably thunder I thought it must have hit the house or the ground right outside my house. What is more strange is that the next day my students (I teach kindergarten) told of the same experience except they live at various differences away from my house, but all within a five mile radius. My students who lived further away than that had not heard it. They reported seeing the lightning and felt like the thunder was right over their houses. If it had been a typical lightning/thunder strike there would have been a few seconds between the lightning and the thunder, but all of them reported that they happened at the same time. Another anomaly was that that was the only thunder that I heard. I’m wondering if you have received any other reports of this event?

Loud boom outside of house, Elizabethtown Kentucky May 9 2013

At 5am in Elizabethtown KY (south of Louisville), ON MAY 9th, I heard a large boom almost like an explosion but sounded like something fell out of the sky. Right in front of my house. Very frightening! I was literally shaken up.

Mystery Boom in Rockford, Illinois (NW Chicago) May 6 2013

There was a huge ‘BOOM!’ outside of my house, accompanied by a flash of blue light. All of the neighbors are outside talking about it. It happened at about 8:10pm, and sounded like a huge crack of lightning hit somewhere, but that’s not what happened.

Large unexplained loud boom, Shingletown California May 5 2013

I, along with most of my neighborhood, heard an unexplained very loud boom approx. 10pm on May 5th. No blown transformer, no earthquake, nothing. At first since I live in a forest I imagined a large fallen tree. Was not. This boom was heard for miles around. I read nothing in the news about a meteorite explosion even though this occurred at the peak of meteor showers. We are all at a loss. No meth lab blown either. We are 18 miles west of Lassen Volcanic Park and at 3500 foot elevation in a small forest town, Shingletown, California. Some neighbors reported their house shook and windows rattled.

Shingletown is near Lassen Volcanic National Park is 181 miles northeast of Lakeport, California.

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  2. on sunday night the 19th of may 2013,about after 2am the sky had been quite stormy looking,and that evening it was very windy. galeforce nearly that night. but i kept being woke up by a large bang – it sounded like lots of beer kegs all smashing together repeatedly. but the sound moved like you would hear thunder moving towards you, then overhead then away from you. I heard the bangs, it woke me up but i went back to sleep. then when it was really overhead, the bang violently woke me up and i felt as if it shooke the house. i got upand loked out the window waiting to hear it again. it wasnt as loud and a dog gave out an unhappy noise. then i heard my neighbor go down their stairs and when i got back into bed. i heard the noise again it seemed further away. it went back to sleep. but still strange unexplained noise.

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