What is the Low Fequency Noise that Tortures Residents of Herbrandston UK ? – May 23 2013


Herbrandston residents ‘tortured’ by mystery low frequency noise – UK


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Some of the sufferers Steve Ingram, Paul Chesher, Jane Ingram, Marilyn Woosey, Gill Peace, and Louise Cleaver.

A group of Herbrandston residents have reached breaking point after a ‘torturous’ mystery low frequency noise started keeping them awake at night and transform life in the village a ‘living hell’ since 2009.

At first it was a noise similar to a car engine running, a constant humming, a low drone, or vibration, which goes on and off throughout the night. Now it sounds like big machines drilling underground. It the noise has been described as.
The source of the mystery noise remains unknown, but a low frequency noise at 63 Herz (42decibels) was detected during investigations. Does the sound come from the two nearby oil refineries or LNG facilities?

Well, residents say they have lived in this village since 1980, and they have always heard noise from Murco and Valero. They are used to that. But the new sound is a different type of noise which can travel seven miles or more because it is low frequency, and even if the jetty is empty, the noise is still there. Other residents get shaken from the noise.

A new Hum? Any noises coming from the surrounding Ocean (naval sonar or so)? Hope we will be able to give these people an answer soon! – Western Telegraph

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