Amazing Technology: Fantastic Videos of Lightning Strikes Slowed Down


Thanks to this technology, you can watch lightning in slow motion.

And the resulting videos look simply fantastic! Test yourself!

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Amazing picture of lightning!

This video, produced by Cosmos Factory for ORF UNIVERSUM, ZDF and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNELS, features physicist Vladislav Mazur and meteorologist Tom Warner watching the incredible footage of a bolt in slow motion. One strike of lightning (1 second) turns into 3 minutes of footage. Amazing, no?

Warner says that it has been only in the past three or four years that technology has enabled him and other scientists to use high-speed video to study lightning, when the speed and therefore the resolution increased significantly to allow for meaningful resolutions to be captured at speeds above 5,000 images per second.

The next video presents a downward lightning negative ground flash captured at 7,207 images per second. A negative stepped leader emerges from the cloud and connects with the ground forming a return stroke.

These scientists probably learn a lot more when watching lightning bolts in slow motion. I love the results! 

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