Strange Earth Phenomenon: Discover the Magic of the Boiling Mud Pool in the Rotorua Region of New Zealand


What is so fascinating about mud? Well I would answer nothing. It is just a grey and stinky mix of water and dust.

Dancing mud in rotorua New Zealand

However, in the geothermally active Rotorua region of New Zealand, this mud starts to dance, to bubble in a very astonishing manner… And finally you just can’t stop watching it! Enjoy!

The “Dancing Mud” is a video from SightsForSeeing. It was shot at Waiotapu in July 2013. And this is how they describe this strange earth phenomenon on their vimeo page:

The Rotorua region of New Zealand is famous for its geysers, hot springs and geothermal features. Amongst these the boiling mud pool is at once both the most humble and the most intriguing. It is easy to become quite absorbed in this endlessly playing and continually varying earthy drama. With patience it is possible to take some intriguing photos but I have wanted for a long time to use video and music to capture at least some of the magic.

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