Eight Best Places You Must See Before They Permanently Disappear

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8 places to visit before you die. Picture by Jumbo Aerial Photography

Of course, you have heard this story before. There is also a 1200-page book on this subject. However, we cannot stress this enough, there is an array of beautiful sites on our planet, which are on the verge of extinction. They will be gone forever.

Now, the big question is, how long do you wish to wait before you finally step out of your home and explore the places, which will soon be a page in the history book? You know what? Just travel before it is too late.

So, here is a list of such places that should be on your bucket list. Let us get started and address them one by one.

1. The Amazon Rainforest – South America

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Spanning over an area of 1.4 billion acres, the forest is massive. Approximately fifty percent of the forest is in Brazil, and the remainder is in the surrounding countries, such as Suriname, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia.

About twenty percent of all the bird species in the world can be seen here. So, you can most definitely picture how giant the place is. Unfortunately, studies suggest that this whole place will disappear from our plant in the next five decades. Mining, global warming, and deforestation are all responsible for the eroding of the forest.

I have not traveled in over a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, next, when I travel in 2022, I will use my travel budget of three years and visit The Amazon Rainforest in South America,’ comments Jiah, an online educator who offers statistics homework help services.

2. The Dead Sea – Jordan

Well, literally speaking, the Dead Sea is indeed dying a little every day. It may seem humorous to you, but you may be overwhelmed by this sad reality if you could see the before and after of the Dead Sea.

With its massive salt content, the Dead Sea has enabled people to float on its water magically. Moreover, it is also home to an array of curative properties, which makes people visit the place in large numbers. Unfortunately, all of this will fade away soon because of the emerging sinkholes and the rapidly falling water levels. Studies suggest that the waterfall at the pace of three feet every year in the Dead Sea.

3. Olympia – Greece

In 776 BC, the first-ever Olympic Games were conducted in Olympia. Olympia is an ancient city, which people have occupied since prehistoric times. It is Greece’s famous archaeological site.

In the last couple of years, the summers in Olympia have been degrading. Typically dry and hot, the hot weather often led to rampant wildfire in the region.

This scorched the areas in the proximity, seeming like a butt in closer to the ruins. Again the culprit is global warming that led to a fall in rainfall and a rise in temperature.

‘I am a history buff, and Olympia has been on my travel bucket list for a while now. I am sure I will plan a tour to the city soon,’ states Jacky, an online educator who offers do my homework for me services.

4. The Everglades – Florida

Florida has a 2.5 million-acre wetland. The Everglades is a vast landscape of savannahs, swamps, and mangroves. It is also the only place where both crocodiles and alligators cohabit.

Sadly, only one-fifth of the whole area is guarded by a national park. Consequently, the region has reduced to only fifty percent of what it used to be in the 1990s.

The rapid infrastructure development, farm pollution, and the introduction of new species, such as the Burmese python, who have continually been praying on the nearby wildlife, are responsible for the threat to this place.

As a matter of fact, it is the wildlife in the region, which is at the maximum risk of being wiped away. Moreover, the Everglades is also a home to several endangered species, such as wading birds, manatees, and green sea turtles. Further, it is the only place in the world to inhabit the Florida panther. Unfortunately, the Florida panther is also an extinct species, and only less than a hundred of them are found in the wild today.

Of course, we are not saying that the Everglades will disappear altogether, but there is no denying the ecosystem here is certainly experiencing invisible damage with every passing year.

5. The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Do you wish to experience your own sequel to Finding Nemo? If yes, you should rush to The Great Barrier Reef as fast as you can.

I have been to the Great Barrier Reef thrice, and trust me when I say this, the place is not as vibrant and vivacious as it used to be back in the day,’ comments Aron, an educator with TFTH

Overfishing, pollution, rising sea temperature, and ship traffic are all the culprits behind the bleaching of the world’s largest reef system. They are killing coral beings.

A study conducted by scientists revealed that approximately fifty percent of the coral reef are already dead. Given the pace at which all of this is happening, it is unfortunate, but the rest of the reel may also die soon.

So, take a cruise from the Cairns and get set ready to see the most beautiful section of the reel while you still have a chance. You will find the clownfish like Nemo, dolphins, turtles, and so much more here.

6. The Grand Canyon – The USA

The National Trust for Historic Preservation labeled the Grand Canyon as one of the most endangered historic places in 2015.

This spectacular landscape is endangered by mining and tourism and is at significant risk for irreparable damage and destruction.

7. The City of Petra (The Rose City) – Jordan

The City of Petra is a beautiful archeological site. It is renowned for its astonishing construction.

The place is built by carving out of a rock face. Famously called the Rose City, it is receding as an outcome of saltwater damage and erosion.

The natural red stone color in Petra is responsible for it being christened the Rose City.

8. Komodo Island – Indonesia

Do you enjoy water sports? If yes, then Komodo Island in Indonesia should be your go-to place. The Komodo region and the surrounding islands are home to some of the world’s best diving sports.

Further, the island is also famous for its magnificent fishes and coral reef. You can find them in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Environmentalists suggest that the coral reef is still unharmed, but the rising temperature and the burgeoning acidification might soon kill the coral reef. It would result in a major loss of diversity and beauty.


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