Amazing Footage: Isolated Amazon Tribe Captured for the First Time on Video


Caught on camera: Isolated Amazon tribe captured for the first time on video before vanishing into the woods after encounter with ‘the enemy’.

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A newly released video captures the first fleeting images of an indigenous tribe living in Brazil’s Amazon jungle that is thought to have been almost entirely isolated from the outside world. The rare images show several members of the Kawahiva tribe walking through dense foliage. The video was shot in 2011 by a government agency (FUNAI) overseeing indigenous affairs, but was only released Wednesday.

Loggers first reported the existence of the Kawahiva in 1999. A reservation was created last year in the western state of Mato Grosso, but members of the tribe still face grave threats from loggers and farmers.

video and photo of kawahiva tribe in Brazil amazon

The Kawahiva are hunters-gatherers and lead a nomadic lifestyle, which requires a large territory. They were spotted while traveling from one village to another in the heart of the forest bordering the states of Mato Grosso and Amazonas, according to the Brazilian site Jornal Hoje. (SOURCE)

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