Discover the Most Dangerous Road in the World at Hua Shan, one of China’s Five Sacred Mountains


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Hua Shan is a 2160 meter high mountain in central China. Prior to the construction of cable cars, the only way to climb it was through a narrow wooden path. Nowadays, only few adventurers dare to go this perilous path. And some of them record their impressive emotions on video. Here you go!

Mount Hua (华山/華山) is one of China’s “five great mountains” and is well known for its precipitous cliffs and dangerous plank paths.

mount hua in china has a dangerous path, discover mount hua

The Changkong plank path (长空栈道/長空棧道) is a famous tourist spot which literally means “skyway”.

Hua Shan is one of one of China's Five Great Mountains, mount hua in china has a dangerous path, discover mount hua

20 years ago when there was no security rope provided for tourists, many people died climing it. Now with security ropes it is much safer. Some more information about this mystic mountain can be read on Wikipedia.

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