Mysterious Booms in the USA: New York, California, Alaska, Mississippi, Utah, Michigan


In this post, I compile several reports of loud booms that were either posted on my website or found across the web.

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Loud and Mysterious Booms in Cleveland August 6 2013 (this site)

I live in Cleveland and same thing. My father and I thought someone close by was setting off fireworks. We went outside and a few series if extremely loud almost the sound when a transformer blows up. They sounded like they were coming directly above us. Another series seemed just north of us but sounded like it was in the sky. No flash of lighting or anything.

A few days before I heard a sound similar to a very low flying jet plane and wind. It was so long that I went outside and it seemed like it was directly from the above sky’s. I was puzzled and thought to myself “is this what a meteor sounds like”. An hour later in poured rain and there was like 10% chance of any kind of precipitation.

Hundreds of these explosions all over the world, horrible wind sounds coming from Florida and the western states, followed by explosion sounds. Websites in Russia claiming the United States have nuked underground facilities under our country? That’s the one that frightened me. The government/military powers to be seem to be up to something very strange and leaving its citizens in the dark, pondering.
If anyone has any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I’m a little freaked out now.


Mysterious Booms Rock Niagara County August 3 2013 (youtube)

Neighbours on Plant Road in the Town of Cambria say they heard two loud booms around 10 p.m. Saturday night.


Expect Booms from Arctic Valley in Alaska from August 6-8 2013 – Alaska Dispatch

Explosions in Arctic Valley: To help prepare a drop zone in Arctic Valley for parachuting exercises, the US army announced it will be use 40-pound charges in the area August 6-8, with most of the explosions happening August 7. Located east of Anchorage, Arctic Valley contains the military’s “Geronimo” drop zone, which is used to train paratroopers for landing in mountainous conditions. Residents should be ready for “loud booms.”


Mysterious Loud boom sound in Subang Jaya August August 6 2013 – USJ

It was around 2 am or so when suddenly my front door and grill shook so hard I thought some truck crashed through my door. It was a loud explosion sound in Subang Jaya. Anyone knows what it was about?!!


UNEXPLAINED BOOMS in rural Mississippi August 4 2013 – Earth Files

On Sunday morning, August 4 at about 1:00 am, I went to sleep after listening to the radio. I quickly fell asleep, but at approximately at 1:20 am, I was awakened by a series of loud booms. I live about five miles to the east of I-59 exit 35 in rural Mississippi, which is between the small towns of Poplarville and Lumberton near each other along Highway 59.

The booms were not thunder or artillery or fireworks or gunfire! They are a very distinctive sound much like the world largest drum being struck very hard. They only lasted a second or so and seemed to come in quick pairs. There were a total of 8 booms as I remember the event. The entire incident lasted no more than 15 seconds.

I live a large travel trailer that weighs over 10,000 pounds. It shook from the first boom, so I believe it was fairly close. The trailer did not rock on its wheels as it may do in a thunder storm. I could not determine if the booms came from the air or ground. Only the first boom shook the trailer.

Less than five minutes after this event, I heard similar booms to the distant west of my location. I estimate the distance to be 3 to 5 miles. It is hard to judge as the actual intensity of the sound is not known. The booms were greatly reduced in intensity by their distance.

In the past month, I have heard similar booms in my general area, but always in the distance. I put these off to farmers or others perhaps using dynamite. As Camp Shelby is about 20 miles to the north of my location, I can sometimes hear artillery practice from that direction. It is usually a low distant rumble and somewhat like these mystery booms. These booms were not in that direction.

The booms have a clear distinct quality of sound. It is sudden, with few if any harmonics and last only a second or so. No long reverberation like thunder is heard. It is not a sharp report like is heard when lighting or thunder is overhead and startles you. As I mentioned above it is more like the world’s largest drum – sharper than a base drum, but not as sharp as lightning. It is a fairly pure sound or tone that is as loud as close thunder! It is difficult to accurately describe the sound!

I have tried to give you this information as accurately as I can remember and hope it adds to your data base! You have my permission to use this report as you see fit.


Theory about the Strange Sounds Phenomenon (this site)

hi, i have a theory as to why these sounds happen that includes ‘the hollow earth theory’. This is a breif explanation of the hollow earth theory.
***If your are religous or have a strong trust in our government then this might be a bit of a shock to you so might not want to read***
a loong time ago, like when dinosaurs were around. A species came from space they were tall around 10-15ft, blue eyes, blone hairs and very friendly they are also very inteligent. they tryed to live on earth but they found that the earth’s sun was prematuraly ageing them so they dug underground and created a vast chain of caves now as the earth above the ground evolved their below cave systems/world must have aswell.

it is said there are 2 entrences to this world at both the north and south pole, apprx 1,000miles wide and 800miles deep, you think you would see that right? well on google earth there is a weird glitch were its ment to be. there has been a satalite image taken of the opening by NASA.
This is just a theory i came up with to support this case, Its a know’n fact that the earth puts out a frequency but i believe in order for an object to put out a frequency it must be hollow so that it can resonate, thus meaning the earth must be hollow to have a frequency. Now heres were these weird sounds come into it. i have to theorys as to why this would be happening,

1. the winds are entering both south and north pole entrances to the inner earth city, creating a vibration type frequency that resonates within our atmosphere and we hear that as these weird sounds.

The government knows this civilization exsist, still to this day and dont want to tell anyone because that would be “bad for business”, it would compleatly tear apart the government if their costumers(society), went to another world where there is no currency and eveyone is equel with eachother. as the government know of them, the agarthians (the inner earth dwellers) know of us and this is the second theory; their just fucking around with us ahahah
acording to admiral byrd (a man that claims to have visited the inner earth city of the agarthians in 1949) said they can live up to 800 years so i have no dought if this is true that they’d be alive to this day. I know these theorys are far fetched and had to beleive but there are weird things in this world, many we dont know about!


Booms and strange noise again in Ogden Utah July 29 2013 – Earth Files

Last night (July 28, 2013) around 7:00 PM Mtn, I heard and felt again a boom over or near the Great Salt Lake. It was followed by that strange musical humming sound like you get when you circle your finger around a half glass of water. This time it lasted for about 45 min. I have heard it before about 3 months ago and was just baffled. I live in Ogden, Utah, about 40 miles north from Salt Lake City. Just thought you should know this. My neighbors heard it, too.


Booms in San Francisco CA July 19 2013 – Earth Files

I was just looking at your website and saw that many people have been reporting loud booms that seem to be coming from the sky. Well, I too have been hearing these in the middle of San Francisco, CA. I’ve heard them a few times over the past maybe two years (2012-2013). The booms felt heavy and very large with lots of force. I could feel it, kind of scary.

The sound and force felt like it was coming from above the buildings, 2 and 3 story buildings, kind of off in the distance, but not too far off. So it seems I heard something like what the other people have been reporting with the booms. It really sounded like heavy cannons being fired, but I don’t know who would be firing cannons in the middle of San Francisco. I don’t really know where the booms were coming from but as I was walking and observing others reactions to the booms people seemed a little on edge, like they didn’t know either. Just my input on this oddness.


Rumbling noises in South Jersey July 14 2013 (this site)

I was home during this “sonic boom” and just to show that the explanation is skeptical at best I’d like to explain the construction of my home. The outer walls of my home are 12″ thick and made of concrete, lined on the inside of the concrete is 4″ thick foam insulation pads. The house is rectangular and the four walls are all uniform. The windows are all double paned, heavy duty storm windows with sound proofing qualities, while the do not completely block all noise they do a remarkable job keeping out the heavy traffic noise and even the sounds of lawn mowers operating directly outside the windows. I live roughly 25-30 miles from Atlantic City and if the “racetrack” comes no farther than AC then they explanation is obviously misleading.
On that day in March our extremely thick and well insulated walls shook so much that a picture was actually thrown to the floor and the rumble could be felt through our furniture. A neighbor had a window broken and the screen was shook loose from another.
In conclusion I would have to say that the explanation given is suspect at best and nefarious in my opinion. I have no way of explaining what it was that happened that and two other as a matter of fact but it has become a sort of pet project for me as far as finding at least a plausible explanation to these “booms”


Loud booms and physical evidence in county east of Kalamazoo Michigan July 14 2013 – Earth Files

It was about a year ago booms were reported by you to the counties west of us, one having blown off the tops of a couple of trees (in Kalamazoo, Michigan). A couple of days later there was one here (Calhoun County) with my neighbor as a witness. That was shortly before midnight, not a cloud in the sky. There was no flash and it was such a deafening crack I couldn’t hear for a few seconds. The boom blew the top off an oak over a hundred feet high about fifty feet up so loud I didn’t hear the tree crash to the ground a hundred feet away.

In January I decide to start cutting up the fallen oak for fire wood. Something didn’t look right. Bark curling up and falling off revealing the wood. It appears to have been spray painted a flat black. But this is not a dead tree. It had leafed out. The appearance of the wood where it came apart was like that of a bristle brush that had been cut off short and stiff. One to two inches of fuzzies. I’ve never seen a tree come apart like that.


St George Utah ‘Booms’ July 9 2013 – Earth Files

I recently heard your Coast to Coast interview on June 27th and you mentioned the mysterious booms in St George, Utah.

I can’t remember the exact dates, but it seems to me that back in March 2013, I heard what you were referring to. It was on two separate occasions that I experienced this – the first being when I was at work. I work at a location where there are a series of loading docks and the boom sound seemed to be traveling slower than sound usually does because although it happened very quickly, I could hear the dock doors shake on the east side of the building and travel westerly.

As it approached my location, the ‘boom’ built up to percussion I could feel in my lungs, and when it went past me, the air seemed to suck right out of me. The whole experience took less than 1.5 seconds, but left me in shock. I thought it was a percussion wave from an explosion, but there wasn’t any explosion that occurred.

My second experience wasn’t as dramatic, and happened at home. But, once again, it seemed to move through my house and did a lessened but similar effect on the air in my lungs.

I work around a lot of construction, and I know what most of the heavy machinery can sound like. At both instances, I assumed it was something like the use of explosives to remove rock, and there is a quarry near where I live so it made sense to me at the time. But on other instances where I was near the use of explosives, the wave effect didn’t do the same. These two booms were completely different.

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  1. I’m currently in Ogden Ut, the booms just ended. I see many people have heard them what makes me nervous is they are happening rapidly for about 10-15 mins. The last time was about 30 mins long – sounds like fireworks but with rapid fire like a shooting range no light or sparks and no clear direction. The last encounter was about a week ago I believe – wish I knew what the heck it is and why it keeps happening. The first time I heard them was very different living in Roy it sounded like a giant transformer ( yes I know how that sounds) was stomping across the city towards the mountains, shaking the entire house and way to big and low to be anything I currently know as real to be making it. That was a year ago

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