Amazing Meteor Explosion Over US Midwest – September 26 and 27 2013


This was the 13th “significant” meteor event in the United States this month. This makes September 2013 the most active month since the American Meteor Society began tracking meteors and fireballs in 2005. Is there something going on in the sky?

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Photo by Kevin Keadle of Palatine on September 26, 2013

The American Meteor Society reports that it has received over 400 reports of a large fireball (bright meteor) over the U.S. Midwest two days ago (September 26, 2013). People in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin spotted the meteor around 7:05 a.m. CDT; that was local time for the sighting.

Witnesses reported a bright orange, yellow or white light moving and exploding across the morning sky. The estimated trajectory for the fireball took it nearly over Indianapolis. This video is from WSBT-TV in Mishawaka,Indiana.

Hankey discouraged people from drawing any apocalyptic or conspiracy theories. Ciupik and Hankey agreed that increased sightings do not indicate a statistical increase in meteors hitting the earth. (SOURCE)

And this shooting is from another fireball explosion which happened on friday night and which was also seen across the United States from coast to coast as well as in Canada. (SOURCE)

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  1. Saw one while it was still light out this evening in central Missouri. It was bright enough to see through light cloud cover and broke up before it went out.

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