Video: Amazing meteor fireball disintegrates in loud boom over Kyiv, Ukraine, prompting fear and panic

kiev mysterious sky phenomenon meteor fireball disintegration
Meteor fireball disintegrates in the sky over Kyiv, Ukraine, prompting panic and alerts. via Youtube video

WOW! This shot is just exceptional!

Look at the amazing moment a meteor disintegrates in the sky over Kiev, Ukraine, changing the night into day!

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Here is a youtube video about the amazing sky phenomenon:

Confusion over cause of flash in sky over Kyiv after Nasa denies involvement

According to newspapers, the powerful flash was seen in the sky over Kyiv on Wednesday night prompting confusion and alarm.

Security camera footage shared online showed the moment a bright flash lit up the night sky at about 10pm local time.

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City authorities said it was caused by a Nasa satellite reentering the atmosphere, while the US space agency denied involvement.

Nasa had announced earlier this week that a retired 300kg satellite would re-enter the atmosphere some time on Wednesday.

But the space agency later said it had not occurred and no other satellite had re-entered.

Dear Ukrainian scientists, this phenomenon was too short for a reentry… It is clearly a fireball exploding over Kiev…

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