New US Mysterious Booms Reports from Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, California, Florida, New York


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Three Mysterious Booms in Southside Virginia – August 23 2013

Three loud booms were heard by Southside residents, the cause of which so far remains a mystery. It’s probably a sonic boom although officers at Oceana Naval Air Station, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic and Joint Base Langley were not affirmative. Nothing seismic according to Tidewater Community College… So pretty weird! (SOURCE)


Booming and Shaking in Riverbend Kentucky – August 24 2013

These booms and shakings were related to a National guard commissioning ceremony! (SOURCE)


Unexplained Booms near Baltimore – August 25 2013

These were probably related to gun excercises or to test blasts at a rock querry since there is a gun range at Baltimore/Dinkins Bottom Road and a rock quarry off of Speer Bridge Road within 1/4- 1/2 mile of Hwy421 at Speer Bridge Road. (SOURCE)


Big Crack of Lightning and Huge Fire in Norton Ohio – August 26 2013

A lightning hits a gas line and creates huge fire in Norton, Ohio. (SOURCE)


Sacramento Night Booms Explained: Propane Gas Gun Bird Scarer

The hightly loud booms in the region of Sacramento, california are triggered by propane gas gun bird scarers to create periodic load explosions in an effort to scare birds from eating crops such as rice. (SOURCE)


Tannerite as Potential Source for Loud Booms in Moravian Falls – August 28 2013

A legal product used in an illegal way caused an explosion that shook houses and left a dark cloud of smoke in Moravian Falls. Tannerite was detonated shortly before 8 p.m. in the area near where Germantown Road crosses Moravian Creek. The product is legal. (SOURCEStop this now! 


Unknown Loud Booms and House Shaking near Jacksonville in Florida – August 29 2013

I was in my house and heard a loud boom and the house shook. I went outside and looked around for some kind of tree limb or a loud large truck, and my neighbor across the street came outside and said she heard the boom and her house also shook. (SOURCE)

But it remains unexplained!


 Unknown Booms in Albany New York – September 1 2013

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