Terrifying Strange Sounds From the Sky Heard Over Bratislava in Slovakia – September 18 2013


OMG! These horrible sky noises are back, this time in Slovakia.

And these strange sounds from the sky are very scary!

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The roaring noises were reported in various districts of Bratislava last night, similar to a cry of a mysterious and huge animal. Was Godzilla making a visit?

The sounds lasted for several minutes and their intensity frightened people in Ružinova, Trnavka, Petrzalka or New Town.

Listen to the terrifying strange sounds in Terrace, Canada!

These videos of the spooky sounds appeared on the internet this morning. What causes these mysterious sounds which are referred to on the planet remains a mystery. Do you have any clues?

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  1. a wise person should get to knw warning from God. all theories abound it maybe that the angels are preparing to descend

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