Strange Earth Phenomenon: Gold Grows on Eucalyptus Trees in Australia


Mysterious traces of gold are sometimes found around eucalyptus trees. Now scientists discovered why: For the first time gold particles have been spotted within living tissue from trees. Is this a new way for helping miners reveal buried treasure?

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Eucalyptus Trees in Wilsons Promontory National Park in Australia. Photo: Thorsten Milse

Well it seems that some trees, at least the eucalyptus trees, actually absorb the gold from underground deposits, while drawing up nutrients and minerals they need for life from deep into the Earth. X-ray analyses of leaves, twigs and bark of eucalyptus trees have revealed gold particles up to about 8 microns wide in cells from the trees.

It is pretty amazing to imagine that the eucalyptus trees can bring up gold from the equivalent height of a 10-story building!

This is the first evidence for such mechanism, which has been a mystery for long years and has been published on October 22, 2013 in the journal Nature Communications.

Asstated in their abstract gold around trees could be a new technique to discover new gold deposits and thus avoid wasting time, money and resources hunting for the precious metal over vast tracts of land.

The confirmation of biogeochemical adsorption of Au, and of a link with abiotic processes, promotes confidence in an emerging technique that may lead to future exploration success and maintain continuity of supply.

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