Amazing Facts: Premature Mortality in Japan Due to Tropospheric Ozone


Too much ozone kills! This is the result of a survey conducted by 47 Japanese prefectures to better understand the relation between premature mortality versus modeled and monitored tropospheric ozone concentrations.

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Their estimations are based on measurements made between January and December 2005.

Their results show that:

  • Modeled ozone in 2005 in Japan caused 13,000 (95% CI: 4,320–17,300) premature mortality cases.

  • Monitored ozone in 2005 in Japan caused 5,220 (95% CI: 1,740–6,960) premature mortality cases.

  • Modeled ozone caused about 2.5 times greater premature mortality cases compare to monitored ozone.

  • Premature mortality estimation using monitored ozone from 1,145 monitors in Japan is less uncertain than that of modeled ozone.

The paper was published in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and is entlited: Seasonal variation in the acute effects of ozone on premature mortality among elderly Japanese.

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  1. That’s interesting.
    They are going to have a lot more mortality increase from radiation in the air now.
    Then they’ll wish they just had ozone to worry about.
    Same for Northern hemisphere and beyond in coming months.
    If reactor 4 doesn’t entirely topple over any minute.

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