Fort Zverev is the hell on Earth! And even bricks melted down! Crazy!


The entrance to hell is a labyrinth.

A vast, snaking maze of caverns bathed in fire, where the lost and the damned wander, uncertain and afraid, for untold eons.

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Mysterious Fort Zverev. Photo: Imgur

The fires burn so hot and for so long in those twisted, screaming caves that the rock itself melts and drips down like water. The burning liquid passes through skin like air; it fuses to bone. This is the only rain in hell.

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Labyrinth in the eerie fort Zverev. Photo:

And the crazy thing? That’s actually what is happening here. The hell on Earth is Fort Zverev located in Russia.

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Mysterious Fort Zverev. Photo: Imgur

They stored a napalm-like substance in the base of the fort, which burned at temperatures of over 2000 degrees.

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fort zverev. Photo: disclosuretv

Then, in the 1970s, the place where they stored super-fire (hopefully to the surprise of nobody,) caught on fire. The resulting inferno burned so hot that it melted the bricks of the walls and ceiling so that they ran down like icicles.

Fort Zverev still stands exactly like this today.

You know, just in case you’re ever overwhelmed by the temptation of sin and want to remind yourself where you’ll be spending eternity should you fail to mend your lustful ways.

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