Look Into My Eyes: These Spiders Will Simply Devour your Soul


OMG! These pictures of spiders in their habitat are absolutely fantastic and almost frightning.

spider, best spider photo, amazing spider photo, spider photo, spider photo malaysia, spider photo by Jimmy Kong
spider photo by Jimmy Kong

These photos of spiders from Malaysia are just deeply unsettling. Are they also building huge webs like in Australia?

spider photo, spider, fascinating spiders, best spider photo 2014, spider photo Jimmy Kong, spider photo by Jimmy Kong
spider photo by Jimmy Kong

In these photographs by Jimmy Kong, you feel the intricate contradictions of nature: Beauty vs fear, love vs hate, mystery vs known.

spider photo, alien spider photo, spider photo by Jimmy Kong, fascinating spider, amazing spider photo, best spider photo, january 2014
spider photo by Jimmy Kong

These fascinating spiders look positively alien and almost peaceful.

spider, spider photo, photo of spider, best photo of malaysian spiders, malaysia spider photo, spider by Jimmy Kong
spider by Jimmy Kong

Are they your firends? Do they come in peace? Or do they want to rip your freaking head off?

More pictures are available here.

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