Strange Phenomenon: Australian Farm Invaded With Spiders After Terrible Flooding (VIDEO)


This looks like a peaceful farmhouse. It looks like a nearby field is softly draped in fog or snow. But the truth is actually terrifying: these lands have been completely taken over by millions and millions of spiders. And the truth is: The trees will eventually die if the paintings are too thick.

spider webs in Australia after flooding - November 2013, spider, spider web, australia spider web, australia flooding, australia flooding spider web, strange natural phenomenon: spider webs after floods in Australia, After a flood in Australia, spiders have gathered on affected areas near trees, covering vegetation of thousands of cobwebs. The result is also that the trees will eventually die if the paintings are too thick.
This is not snow! They are spider webs!. Photo: Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Terrible flooding in November 2013 throughout Australia has caused more than 13,000 people to evacuate their homes. Unfortunately, people weren’t the only ones evacuating. Spiders are also running for the hills, causing farmlands to be literally covered in their webs.

It looks like snow, but it’s the worst thing you could ever imagine.Each cluster of webbing is literally filled to the brim with tiny flood victims. And it’s hard to go anywhere without getting a face-full of spider.

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Spiders invasion after November’s flooding in Australia. Photo: Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Once the flooding along the riverbanks goes down, the spiders should return home. But who knows: farmers will maybe have to start buying flamethrowers in bulk to burn down their barns before moving to New Zealand. [The Weather Channel]

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