Oarfish Are Not Only Stranding In The USA But Also In Asia! And They Eat It! – January 2014


Oarfish also known as “earthquake fish” are not only beaching in the USA, but also in different of Asia as reported in the following article. And what they do with it is more than astonishing!

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japanese eats oarfish. Photo: http://blog.livedoor.jp/dqnplus/archives/1786117.html

At least two oarfish, which grow up to 15 metres long and live in the deep ocean, have been sighted on beaches in California without any visible signs of injury or disease. This led scientists to speculation that they have been affected by some kind of deep underwater disturbance.

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Oarfish stranding in China June 2012. Photo: Ettoday.net

But this weird phenomenon is not only secluded in the USA. As reported by Eto Today, such a mysterious giant oarfish washed up on a South Korean beach on January 14 2014. Moreover, this same source reports various strandings of large oarfish in Hualien (China) on June 2012 and in Taitung (Taiwan).

Finally, a Japanese Twitter user has stumbled across a 4.2m (13’7″) legendary deep-sea fish somewhere back in January 2014. And guess what!?! HE COOKED AND ATE IT IN 4 DIFFERENT WAYS! A real gourmet experience!

A new sushi trend? The harakiri fish!

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