Mysterious Strandings in California: Two Rare Oarfish and a Saber-Toothed Whale Within a Week


But what is going on in southern California? Two oarfish carcarsses and an endangered saber-toothed whale whashed up onto Californian beaches.

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Second oarfish stranding in California within a week. Photo: Courtesy Mark Bussey / Oceanside
For the second time in a week, a rare, 13 ½ feet long oarfish has been found dead on a southern California beach, more precisely at Oceanside Harbor. The oarfish probably weighed over 200 pounds. This is only one week after a larger (18-foot) oarfish washed up off Catalina Island.

The oarfish is the largest bony fish in the sea and can grow over 50 feet in length. Watch the first Very little is known about the species, since it usually is found hundreds, if not thousands of feet below the surface, reaching depths up to 3,000 feet.

13.5-foot oarfish washes up in southern california october 18 2013, A 13.5 foot oarfish was found along the coast in Oceanside - October 18 2013
A 13.5 foot oarfish was found along the coast in Oceanside – October 18 2013. Photo: Mark Bussey / Oceanside

In parallel, a saber-toothed whale washed 5 days ago in Venice Beach. This kind of whale normally lives in the deep Alaskan waters.

So how to explain the sudden rise of deep ocean mammalsand fish in this very localized part of the US. Are army or government experimenting new weapons? Is Fukushima radioactive pollution killing these aquatic species? I hope we will find it soon!

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