Fake Snow Debunked: The Mystery Behind The Snow That Will Not Melt in 2014


People all across the country have recently began posting videos, and photo’s, of snow that will not melt. Some people are even reporting that the snow has a strange odor, like chemicals.

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snow under e-microscope. Photo: google search

Is the snow natural, or the result of a Geo-Engineered or HARRP attack?

Well, to answer this question, we only have to open a book about physics. Water melt from snow depends greatly on whether or not the snow is powder or a wet snow. If it’s powder, water is so minimal, upon heating, it can simply evaporate into the air.

So why is snow not melting?

1. The snow is melting, but the very loose fluffy structure of the snow wicks away the water, turning dry snow into wet snow, and eventually turning the snow intoslush.

2. The snow is blackened when a lighter is held underneath it because of the soot from the lighter (the products of incomplete combustion). It’s not burning.

3.The smell is fumes from the lighter (also from incomplete combustion) and/or people briefly burning nearby objects like gloves.

You got it? It’s not a HAARP attack!

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