Fracking Depletes Water Reserves in US Most Drought-Prone Areas – Ceres Report 2014


From Texas to California, hydraulic fracturing is increasing competitive pressures for water in some of the USA’s most water-stressed and drought-ridden regions.

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Fracking is depleting water supplies in America’s driest areas – February 2014. Photo: Ceres report

Hydraulic fracturing is not only polluting drinking water… A new research has found that drilling for oil and gas is using billions of gallons of water in the country’s most drought-prone areas, from Texas to California.

Of the nearly 40,000 oil and gas wells drilled since 2011, three-quarters were located in areas where water is scarce, and 55% were in areas experiencing drought as reported by the Ceres investor network. Fracking those wells used 97bn gallons of water, raising new concerns about unforeseen costs of America’s energy rush.

Fracking hell february 2014, Demanding clean and enough water is now being a terrorist. Take action!
Asking for clean and enough water is now being a terrorist. Take action! Photo: Imgur

It’s a wake-up call

Without new tougher regulations on water use, industry could be on a “collision course” with other water users… Of course a country needs more energy, but it is time to have a conversation about what impacts there are, and do our best to try to minimise any damage. Take action!

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