Amazing Nature Photo: The Spray of a 30ft Wave Creates a Man’s Profile in the Dorset Harbour


Nature and art will always amaze me!

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Amazing face wave caught in February 2014 in the UK. Photo: Simon Emmett

For just a split second, the spray from the 30ft wave created the perfect shape of a man’s profile, complete with brow, nose, mouth, chin and even beard. Photographer Simon Emmett caught the amazing picture as the 30ft wave pounded the Cobb stone wall in the Dorset harbour.

Forecasters have warned of another day of violent storms and gale force winds in the south west, where thousands of homes have been left without power after yesterday’s dramatic weather.

The prime minister, David Cameron, confirmed this morning that he would chair a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee to discuss the storms and Britain’s response to them.

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