Ghost Ships: The Pacific Ocean Is A Giant Conveyor Belt Carrying Floating Items


When you think of a “Ghost Ship” you probably imagine something off Pirates of the Caribbean. As it turns out, ghost ships or phantom ships are indeed real and recently one has been discovered floating adrift across the North Pacific.

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Ghost Ship Ryou-Un Maru adrift from Tsunami. Photo: WDRB

One of the best known ghost ships is most probably the Japanese fishing vessel RYOU-UN MARU which had been drifting unmanned at sea since the 2011 Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami more than two year ago, before being destructed by the US Army about 155 nautical miles away from Baranof Island in southeast Alaska.

The ship, which entered U.S. waters March 31, 2012 had been drifting across the Pacific Ocean for more than one year and thus confirms what generations of beach combers have known for a long time: The Pacific Ocean currents form a giant conveyor belt that carries flotsam (floating items) across the Pacific. Hopefully, radiation isn’t as fast!

Read and learn more about ghost ships here.

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