Zombie Sinkhole Apocalypse: Coffin-shaped Sinkholes Swallow Graves in Gravesend Cemetery


But what’s going on in Gravesend cemetery? Are these coffin-shaped sinkholes the beginning of a zombie invasion?

Well, it seems that the burial ground is about to swallow all of its graves!

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sinkholes swallows graves in Gravesend UK – February 2014

Dozens of coffin-shaped pits have opened up across a cemetery after weeks of rain caused the earth to give way over burial grounds.

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Graves swallowed by sinkholes in Gravesend cemetery

The alarming sinkhole phenomenon, which have exposed around 50 unmarked graves, raised fears deep cavities might be concealed just below the grass.

Here a good video on the effects of coastal erosion in UK:

Visitors are being warned to watch their step after the giant holes appeared at Gravesend Cemetery in Kent. Otherwise, they could be the next buried!

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  1. Really? They collapsed because the wooden coffins rotted away, with the addition of heavy rain, there you have it EROSION. Don’t be so simple people. The title is misleading an the story it has nothing to do with “zombies”, “apocalypses”, only sinkholes. You are a twat for the misleading title, an a twat for writing about this shit on a blog supposedly regarding “phenomena”(I don’t know if this is true, this is the first I have been on this site, I was directed here by Redicecreations.com quick links section, they are a real website about the phenomenal, weird, happenings in the world and elsewhere. People if you want real articles about . This is simple erosion, next time do better. Do not put a alluring title an then have an article about some lame, regular, not phenomenal, happens in graveyards around the world. Ya cunt.

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