Earthquake Swarm Around the World On Anniversary Of 9.0 Kobe Earthquake


A cluster of strong earthquakes around the world hit just before the third anniversary of the devastating 9.0 Kobe earthquake that set off a Pacific-wide tsunami causing widespread destruction from Japan to California, and triggered a nuclear meltdown in 2011.

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Earthquake map of march 11 2014. USGS

The first quake, a 6.8 off the Eureka coast on Sunday night caused little to no damage, but shook homes and rattled nerves around Northern California. Dozens of aftershocks, some approaching a magnitude 5 continue to move the San Andreas fault.

Another quake, initially a 6.8 magnitude as well, but later downgraded to a 6.4 hit Monday near the Sandwich Islands in the southern Atlantic.

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Monday north of Papua, New Guinea along the Pacific “Ring of Fire.”

Even Japan was shaken by a mild 4.8 earthquake Monday, as the nation pauses Tuesday to honor those who died in the Kobe quake.

As if, even fault lines were commemorating…

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