Mysterious Booms and Rumblings From Davenport to Rock Island – March 10 2014


Reports of mysterious booms and rumblings in Davenport to Rock Island. Did you also hear the detonation?

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Map of Rock Island and Davenport. Photo: Wikipedia

The source of the noise that startled inhabitants and caused their homes and businesses to shake remains unexplained. Neither the police nor fire departments, airport, the Rock Island Arsenal and meteorologists know! This may help youto determine the origin of loud booms.

Read the some reports below:

“I heard a really loud boom”

“I heard a rumble”

” I heard a pretty big explosion”

“I expected to see a mushroom cloud when I went out there off in the distance”

“I haven’t heard anything that loud since leaving Iraq in 2007”

“It sounded like something really big on the street. Like something rolling by on the street and then there was a rumble, too”

As seen in the video, this was not the first time inhabitants of this area have heard this rumble, explosion or boom noise: There is a river on which barges navigate. There is the train and also this arsenal around. So there are all types of noises around. But this one was way louder and remains an unsolved mystery!

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