Mysterious Asteroid Desintegration Captured by HUBBLE Space Telescope


This series of Hubble Space Telescope images reveals the breakup of an asteroid over a period of several months starting in late 2013. The largest fragments are up to 180 meters (200 yards) in radius.

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Mysterious Asteroid Desintegration Captured by HUBBLE Space Telescope. Photo: NASA, ESA, D. Jewitt (UCLA)

This is the first time ever! NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has recorded the break-up of an asteroid, P/2013 R3, into as many as 10 smaller pieces. The crumbling asteroid was first noticed on Sept. 15, 2013.

It is not known why it desintegrated into various pieces. You will find some hints here.

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  1. Aside from what mainstream are being told … there are three celestial possibilities to consider here .. first … when taking into consideration that we could very well be seeing things in the expanse of this sun’s heliosphere under the cast illusion generated by some advance technology …

    And considering that this hologram’s cast projection .. is that which controls the camouflage illusion of any object coming in range of the heliosphere expanse .. or having been asleep and laying idle in the heliosphere …

    And considering that such a programmed hologram field of illusion would make any ancient facility (depending on their metallic composition, their design and functions) only appear to be some sort of a meteor or asteroid rock formation ..

    And considering that High frequency signals are now not only making contact and waking consciousness of people … but also contacting and waking manual controls of head modules in many ancient facilities … (in the earth, in the heaves and in distant space)

    With this being so … the asteroid in these images .. could actually be an ancient craft not only waking up but also separating into their independent units …

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