The Sky is on Fire: Worldwide Fireball and Mysterious Booms Reports and Videos – February to March 2014


Fire in the Sky! This post presents reports of mysterious booms and fireballs that occurred during February 2014 and March 2014. With more than 15 reports, the sky was on fire!

Fireball explodes in Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Canada - March 6 2014. Photo: Yuichi Takasaka, fireball explodes in Northern light in Yellowknife canada march 6 2014, fireball explosion canada, fireball northern lights march 2014, merch 2014 fireball Canada, fireball and northern lights in Canada march 2014, fireball explosion Yellowknife March 2014. Photo: Yuichi Takasaka
Fireball explodes in Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Canada – March 6 2014. Photo: Yuichi Takasaka

Fireball lights up New Mexico sky – 6 March 2014

There was fire in the sky last night following by a huge boom. It happened last night about 11:45 and it was captured by the Lamy Observatory. The streak across the sky has been classified as a Meteor Fireball.

Fireball explodes over Yellowknife, Canada – 6 March 2014

A fireball exploded and lit up the skies over Yellowknife early Thursday morning, but was not believed to have caused any damage. One expert compared it to a similar incident that took place over Montreal last November. An image of the explosion was posted on the website of It was captured by a photographer who was leading a tour of the Aurora Borealis. – 680 News

Spectacular meteor shone brightly over Kenya, then explodes; house burned – 28 February 2014

While calm appears restored in most parts of the Rift Valley that were left shell-shocked on Thursday night following the explosion of an astronomical body, the identity of the phenomenon is still shrouded in mystery. The object shone bright in the dark sky before exploding. – All Africa

Bright fireball captured on Madison police video – 27 February 2014

Fireball in the sky Sunday night in Central New York – 26 February 2014

Astronomer spots asteroid smashing into the Moon – 24 February 2014

A Spanish astronomer on Monday said he had witnessed a fridge-sized asteroid smash into the Moon, in the biggest lunar impact by a space rock ever recorded. – AP

Meteor fireball blazes across Catalonia’s sky – 22 February 2014

A meteor weighing between one and two kilograms (approx. 2-4 pounds) caught fire as it entered the atmosphere and was seen in several regions near the coast. – La Vanguardia

Fireball seen in Oxfordshire, UK – February 20 2014

Alexandre Legris, 41, was driving from Banbury to Woodstock with his 16-year-old son Isaac when he saw the object descending over Deddington Hill last Friday at about 6.30pm. – Oxford Mail

Fireball in Puerto Rico caught on camera – February 20 2014

A huge meteor was seen in Puerto Rico in the early evening of Tuesday, February 18th. The space rock was filmed at the moment it penetrated the atmosphere. – El Nuevo Dia

Overhead Bolide Explosion: Rosario, Argentina: shook several towns – February 18 2014

A loud explosion was heard and strong tremors were felt today in at least seven towns in the center and West of Santa Fe province, Argentina. “We heard an explosion and windows shook”, said witnesses in Cañada de Gómez. The Astronomical Observatory affirmed that it had been “a fireball which disintegrated in the air”. There were no reports of wounded victims or damages. – Rosario3

Meteorite lands in Danish schoolyard – February 16 2014

Mystery continues to surround the landing of a strange rock in the grounds of Rygaards school in Hellerup late last month. – Copenhagen Post

Loud boom shakes homes in Oregon, no USGS earthquake reports: What was it? – February 13 2014

Mysterious boom and bright flash of light in the sky raises questions across East Texas – February 12 2014

A lot of East Texans are wanting answers Wednesday after a mysterious blast was heard over three counties. Just after 10 p.m. Tuesday night, reports began to come into the KLTV 7 newsroom from Rusk, Harrison and Panola Counties of a monstrous blast that shook the ground and shot flames into the night sky. – KLTV 7

Meteorite blasts hole in roof of Oslo house – 6 February 2014

Driven by irritation due to a possible water leak, 6 February Steinar Engh (69) took a ladder to the roof. What he discovered was extremely rare and unexpected: A meteorite had smashed a hole in the villa on Korsvolltoppen outside Oslo. – Dagbladet

Meteor streaking across sky Canadian city, captured on amateur video – February 6 2014

It wasn’t a bird, or a plane, or Superman that streaked across the skies of Charlottetown last Friday night, but it was the colour of kryptonite and it was from out of this world. – CBC

A fireball camera recorded a bright flash early Sunday morning in Helsinki’s Pukinmäki district – February 3 2014

Separate fireball observations early Sunday morning have caused some to wonder whether a meteorite may have landed in Finland. The Ursa Astronomical Association says a meteorite hasn’t been recovered in Finland for decades.  – Yle

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