The Times Square Hum in New York (VIDEO)


Do you know the Times Square hum?

The world-famous Times Square emits a strange humming noise.

It’s a hum, a strange, hard-to-identify sound resembling a distant moving and clanking of heavy machinery or some other technological machination not found in natural settings. But it’s a deliberate humming noise!

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Max Neuhaus installing Times Square humming sound. Photo: Wikipedia

Thousands of people crowd through Times Square everyday, but likely few notice the unmarked sound installation under their feet. Created by Max Neuhaus and called simply “Times Square”, it is now known as the Times Square Hum.

First, it haunted a singular pedestrian island on Broadway between 45th and 46th streets from 1977 to 1992 before being restorated during ten years. It has been now reinstalled and is maintained by the Dia Art Foundation.

And thus there it remains: The strange, unavoidable, barely noticeable humming noise heard by hundreds of people each day with only a minute portion of them actually noticing. You just have to keep your ears open!

Too bad that it’s being missed every day by millions of people!

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