What Is the Eerie Sound of One World Trade Center?


New Yorkers are reporting ‘eerie sound’ from One World Trade Center.

But what is this spooky sound?

One World Trade center creates eerie sounds that spook New Yorkers
One World Trade center creates eerie sounds that spook New Yorkers. Photo: One WTC

High structures sometimes play with the wind. Like the Beetham Tower in Manchester, UK, on a windy day, the WTC loud noise can get so loud that it annoys residents and people working around.

Yes, when the wind blows through the 1 WTC tower from a certain angle, the surrounding area is bewitched by a terrifying, loud humming sound worthy of the greatest horror movies.

Of course the high-pitched sound is much louder than the Time Square Hum.

What is the cause of the WTC Noise?

The spooky noise, caused by the wind, was first reported at around the time of Hurricane Sandy and has been heard several times since, giving New Yorkers the creeps.

Actually, when you listen to the haunting sounds coming from the New World Trade Center in New York… It just gets creepy and surreal!

I love it.

Is the Former Site of the Twin Towers Haunted?

There’s not just those creepy sounds. Some witnesses report seeing the face of a woman in a mangled steel girder recovered from Ground Zero and they dubbed her “The Angel of 9/11.”

Some even say that you can see the face clear as day, as if it’s looking down over a sacred spot.

I will let you determine what you believe or not. But this wind-driven noise from One WTC is just giving the former Twin Towers site a terrifying, magical and haunted atmosphere.

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