Skydiver Almost Hit by Meteor During Dive (video)


Imagine! You are skidiving and suddenly you feel something but cannot register what is actually happening directly.

Then you look at the video you made from your dive… And wow! You have almost been struck by a meteor!

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Skydiver Anders Helstrup was almost hit by a meteorite during flight. Picture via NRK

This is actually what experienced skydiver Anders Helstrup.

He was almost hit by a meteor (we don’t know if it is a meteorite, as we don’t know if it has reached th earth surface), according to a geologist of the Natural History Museum in Oslo.

Look at the video:

Meteorite Almost Hit Skydiver

Yeah, this could be a rock from outer space.

At the University of Oslo, scientists confirmed that, indeed, it was a meteorite in its dark flight (terminal velocity).

In this dark flight phase, the meteorite falls straight down. The shape ressembles that of a rock. It doesn’t look like a bird or anything living…

Maybe that’s another space rock to hunt on Earth’s surface! Meteorites sometimes make noise travelling in the atmosphere. Do you think the skydiver heard something? [NRK]

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