WTF Photo: This Dolphin Hadn’t Had A Lady In A Long Time


OMG, this is weird and funny at the same time! This dolphin hadn’t had a lady in a long time!

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Lol! It seems that this dolphin needed something rapidly, ins’t it?

It reminds me of this other weird dolphin experiment to see if the dolphin could learn languages, which ended with the dolphin and the researcher having LSD and more

These images are maybe shocking! But they bring me to my next question: Do animals mate for pleasure or only for reproduction?

I think this above Gif and the below video gives us the best example that animals do have pleasure… Even if it looks a bit weird!. Look at its face, the dolphin really enjoy it!

According to Wikipedia:

It is a common myth that animals do not (as a rule) have sex for pleasure, or alternatively that humans, pigs (and perhaps dolphins and one or two species of primate) are the only species that do. This is sometimes formulated “animals mate only for reproduction”.

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