Giant crocodiles on manhunt: Fishermen live in fear in Uganda

These giant crocodiles are clever, fast and dangerous. They have eaten almost all fish and now they specialize in hunting humans!

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Giant crocodiles spread fear in Uganda. Photo: SN/ EPA

Since 2000 more than 340 people were killed by these monster crocodiles around Uganda.

On March 30, 2014, a monster, crocodile of more than 800 kilograms was caught on March 30, 2014. According to investigators, this single creature had already eaten at least six people. The largest specimen ever found in Uganda weighed 1000 kg and had killed at least 83 people.

A total of 79 killer crocodiles were captured and relocated to national parks in the past ten years. However, many succeeded to return to their home waters and spread fear and terror there again. They inhabit waters of Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga and the White Nile.

Yes, it  seems that these killer crocodiles are a very serious problem in Uganda! There is no more fish to eat, so they attack humans! The total number of crocodiles present in Uganda is unknown but recent counts registered more than 600 of them in a small area in the northwest of Lake Albert.

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