Strange animal behavior: What is doing a piranha in northern France?

A piranha in France? WTF: Piranha bites fisherman... in northern France !?!


Normally, piranhas live in tropical warm waters. But this 17 inches long and 8 inches wide canivorous piranha bit an angler in the Vosges, a rather cold northern France ‘department,’ on May 29, 2014. 

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Unusual catch in France: An angler caught a piranha in northern Vosges department. Photo: AFP

An angler was bitten by a piranha in the Vosges Mountains in northeastern France, a rather unexpected spot to find such a fish. The fish attacked the angler when he tried to take the hook out of its mouth. Last year, the pacu fish or better known as the testicule biting fish (same family than the piranha) was caught in Paris.

This is the first piranha ever found in the Vosges’ waters as reported by “Vosges Matin.”

Where it is coming from remains a mystery. But, I believe it was set free into the ‘Étang de la Ballastière’ in Sainte-Marguerite by a private owner.

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