Unknown weather event? What is this strange tornado-like phenomenon over a thunderstorm in Thailand (VIDEO)?

Pilots of an A320 on May 27th captured this video while on the ground at Suvanabhumi Airport in Thailand.


Does any body see the beam on the top of tower cumulonimbus cloud? Look at the video and tell me what you think it is! I have my idea of what it could be, but I am not sure…! Do you have any?

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Tornado-like phenomenon on top of a T-storm. Photo: Youtube video arranged by Marc Weinberg

This video was shot in front of the cockpit A320 on ground on the west side of Suvanabhumi Airport, Thailand (VTBS) at around 0110 UTC on May 27, 2014. The phenomenon was the same through both windshields and even after aircraft had pushed back.

Could this strange phenomenon be some sort of sprites? A Bluejet? These phenomena are really quick (last less than a quarter of second) and occurs on the uppermost layers of the atmosphere. Moreover, there would need to be lightning to generate the very short sprite. I didn’t see any in the video. So I doubt! Some light refraction or lens and/or window refraction/glare? I don’t think so either as that camera is moving an awful lot yet the funnel stays.

Could it be a worm hole from the Delta Quadrant and the Borg, traveling back in time from the future, generated a thunderstorm to hide their ship landing on Earth? You may think whatever you want…

It is true that the apparent speed of motion from left to right of the supposed vortex when it supposedly “spins up” seems absolutely impossible at the scale of the top of a thunderstorm. Moreover, nobody has ever seen anything like this before in recorded human history. That’s ridiculously unlikely for a natural weather phenomenon. This just doesn’t pass the smell test. Really?

Well to me it looks like a jumping sundog over thunderclouds (NASA astronomy picture of the day) as already recorded from the ground on November 2011 by a Youtube user. It’s not the same angle but probably the same phenomenon! Look at the video and then compare both “twisters.”

Pretty close isn’t it?

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  1. The quick, shifting behavior, more easily seen in the second video, indicates electromagnetic phenomena to me, but I have no idea what it might be called. Those sudden snaps almost certainly means there is something going on with the electric charges in that cloud. Great mystery. Fun making a guess.

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