Moby Dick Spotted off Sydney: Migaloo The Albino Humpback Whale Makes Waves In Australia (VIDEO) – June 19 2014

This must be incredible to witness! Wow!


There is nowadays a white whale, ressembling Moby Dick, jumping and swimming along Sydney’s coast.

The beloved humpback whale was named Migaloo, meaning white fella in the Mayi-Katuna language from north Queensland.

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Australia’s Moby Dick: Migaloo was spotted along Sydney’s coast on June 2014. Photo by Jenny Dean

Migaloo was first sighted in 1991, aged 3-5. He is a humpback, rather than a sperm whale such as Melville’s sea monster. During its annual migration (more than 12,000 humbacks make this migration along the east coast of Australia during winter), Migaloo enters waters where humans may see him.

You can buy his noises on iTunes and of course it has a Twitter account… Hum!

Is Migaloo a true albino whale?

Migaloo’s eyes are brown rather than red or white. But according to a recent DNA study made by Australian Marine Mammal Center, the protein that produces melanin (pigmentation) is truncated making Migaloo a true albino whale.

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