Scientist Try To Unlock The Mystery Behind Near-Death Experiences

What do you see before you die: a bright light, pearly gates, your life in a flash? One researcher is trying to figure it out.


Steven Laureys, the director of the department of neurology at Liege University Hospital in Belgium, tries to figure out what we sea or feel during near-death experiences.

Interviews of more than 190 people indicate that near-death experiences are positive, richer,  and more real than any other experiences. But they remain a mystery!

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What is being seen by patients having a near-death experience?

It’s actually hard to explain how such a rich experience can happen in such a situation where we know the activity of the brain is very, very abnormal.

What do you feel during a Near-Death Experience?

According to first results, memories of the space between life and death are surprisingly similar. Instead of being fuzzy, they are clear and vivid. Over 80 percent report feeling of peacefulness, although a review of studies on the topic also show out-of-body experiences, altered time perception, bright lights, speeded thoughts and “life review.” Only two subjects reported negative experiences.

Wanna be part of this research?

If you want to join in on the research you can send your story to Laureys at

This incredible phenomenon is a unique opportunity to better understand consciousness, but not life after death! There is actually no proofs of life after death except organ donation!

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