Strange Sounds And Loud Booms Around The World: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Holland – June 16 to 18 2014

Loud rumblings and humming sounds are heard all over the world! Just Now!


Reports of strange sounds and loud booms heard across the world between June 15 and 18 2014. They were submitted as comments by followers! Thank you for your help!

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mysterious booms and strange sounds around the world

June 18 2014 in Madison, WI

I heard the same thing yesterday morning in Madison, WI–it was during a tornado warning, and I thought I was finally hearing the infamous “freight train” noise. But it lasted long after the worst of the storm had hit, and no tornado was reported–just straight line wind. The rumble/roar sounded like a bomber–actually more like several bombers at once–circling or hovering above. My mom thought it might have been rain on the roof, except that our neighbor reported hearing the same thing though he was standing outside. He felt he heard the noise coming from the sky. We’ve been having a series of strange storms here over the past few weeks; normall, storms march in from the west and then divide around the town (this is the normal pattern). But lately, they just bloom out of nowhere, in many little blobs; most recently, they form suddenly over one of the lakes. Last week there must have been a hundred radar blobs that suddenly bloomed over central Wisconsin. I don’t know if this is normal, nor whether it’s related to the roaring in the sky, but it caught my attention. One last thing–late last night (very early this morning) about 4-5 jets (sounded commercial in size) landed within one hour, around 1:30-2:30 a.m. Checked Madison airport arrivals, and two jets were listed as landing during that timeframe, which was odd enough, but the remaining 3 were unlisted.
Update to the article about loud booms in Auckland on June 17 2014.

The NZ defence force initially said that they had no exercises that could explain the bangs but now (24hrs on) they are claiming that they are the culprits after all. Apparently they were dropping 500lb bombs at the Kaipara bombing range. I live 10kms SE of the range in the nearest town Helensville. We heard NOTHING and yet many people 60kms SE of us in Auckland heard booms loud enough to startle them, some said that it shook the house and gave quite a scare. We’ll you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that it doesn’t add up.
I live in holland and i heard the same sound as in the video (of about)


We had a sudden, single ground shake and boom in San Diego on June 17 2014 at about 1pm. Can’t find any info or news about it, I looked at a nearby seismograph using GEE (Global Earthquake Explorer ) and it showed up as a large single up/down ground movement event. Camp Pendleton is about 45 miles away. Is that what this was?


June 16,2014 Ontario Canada, heard loud jet over house, thought it would crash, so close it drowned all noises in house out. No planes seen, lasted 30 sec.
Had trouble sleeping last night (June 16, 2014) because of a low pitch humming sound that I heard in Pierrefonds. It was not as loud as some videos I have seen around Canada but it was similar to this one from Montreal so I wanted to leave a comment. It happened at around 4AM and lasted at least for 20 minutes or longer but I had fallen back asleep. Very odd considering I am not near any major highways.
I live in San Jose and I have been hearing the same boom every night for the past one month for sure, but my boyfriend has heard it since 2009 at least. If you want to, we can get together via email if you would like and we can record what time we hear ours on a certain day and we can put the times together and see whether this is at the same time and it is heard everywhere or if this is a sound that originates in a certain place and then travels out. Let me know if you are interested.

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  1. At 3:30 am this morning exactly I woke up just seconds before a loud and I mean very loud and disturbing “boom”.
    To tired to look out my window I went back to sleep but I think it’s weird and very frightening I live in California. Pismo beach to be exact. Right by the beach.

  2. yes. just heard two loud booming sounds, must screw up the birds I would think. our birds seem to only want to communicate early in the a.m and later in early evening, other wise their communication system would go down. We are so very awfully loud. oh and i’m sick of the leaf blowers. can’t they just bloody sweep?

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