Mystery Booms Compilation: The USA Are Rumbling Hard in June 2014

Mystery booms have not stopped baffling people around the world!


Thank you for your reports!Here the latest comment reports of mysterious booms and rumblings put as comments on the blog…

Last 4 days, they were reported in California and Florida. You can also have a look at the previous loud booms’ compilation here.

In Summary: I receive always more reports of mysterious rumblings and booming noise reports!

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Chino Hills State Park entrance. Photo:

Loud Booms in North Florida – June 28 2014

In North Fl.We all here booming sounds from time to time(no exp:)But 9:30 am for a week i heard low rumbleing like soft thunder and lasted for about 10 min each.I have studied HARPP Sonic Array.There are to stations i know of (PR.)and the central part of the Gulf of Mexico-Where the sound was coming from.I reported it to EMERG:MANG:LIVE OAK FL.Told them about HARPP.Took my name and location.@ days later @ 9:30-10am and again at 2pm to 2;30 I heard it again but loud??They Called the Air Force Bases.They sent up and i have pics.2 Raptors flying at low levels around Wellborn and Lake City.The US Navy and The USAF both know about HARPP.They were sent up to cover the rumble i was hearing for 2 weeks.I was a Radiomen in the US Navy in 1966 during V.N.The games The Gov Plays.


Loud Booms in Chino Hills (California) – June 27 2014

6/27/2014 at 8:15 until about 9:00 pm we heard popping noises or far off explosions that were constant for the entire time period. we checked local news stations and nothing was being reported but surely other people heard these same noises. we live in a mobile home park in chino hills ca. very strange that so far nothing has been said from any news sources. An earthquake?


Loud Booms in Sanford (Florida) – June 24 2014

This just gave me chills. I remember this happening. I also live in Sanford, FL. I live a few miles from the airport so I thought it was a plane flying overhead…but when this happened, there was nothing in the sky…and I heard these noises during the day. The first time it was almost 8 in the morning and the house was shaking. This actually just happened again not too long ago today, the third time since the first incident I experienced (in May as well) and it’s starting to really scare me. Especially since I found this submission of someone experiencing it in my area around the same time. This proves I’m not crazy. Where can we find more information on what’s going on?


Do you have any news about these events? I haven’t found anything yet!

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  1. Hello,

    I live in Orange, California Zip code 92869.

    I heard a first loud boom around midnight, my cat jumped from my lap, at first I thought it was Disney’s fireworks then realized the time. The second Boom was at 3.40 am (I stay up to study).
    I really wonder what could they be??

  2. Hey I heard the some of the sounds sped up .In particular the 1 sounded like some1 banging a drum steady and slow. Last night I heard the same sound on How the universe works only it was the 1st gamma bursts detected by the military’s nuke detectors . What i am rambling about is . Could an event in space cause infra-sound on earth audible to us ?

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