Mystery Booms And Rumblings Across USA In July 2014

A US compilation of mystery booms and strange sounds for July 2014. And some floating orbs... Bizarre!


Mystery booms and floating orbs in North Carolina – July 22 2014

A loud boom and floating orange orbs wre heard, felt and observed from and above Roanoke Island On July 22 2014. The weird lights in the sky weren’t UFOs but chinese lanterns. The source of the mystery boom was a training exercise offshore off the barrier islands.

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A mystery boom and these weird orbs floating in the sky were observed in the sky over Roanoke Island (North Carolina). Photo: Mike Smith

Loud booming noises in Jacksonville area – July 23 2014

The Jacksonville area was shaken by a large explosion last Wednesday at around 6:30 p.m. The mystery boom even broke a window in the Angel community. Dogs were going crazy and a big black plume of smoke was in the air. This rumbling boom was actually marking the end of an explosives training session near Jacksonville. Hey guys! a little advanced notice would be nice!

And some reports of mysterious booms and rumblings from my blog comments… I think the Navy was pretty much active these last days! Or could they be exploding meteor fireballs?

Scary explosion at Pismo Beach in California – July 27 2014

At 3:30 am this morning exactly I woke up just seconds before a loud and I mean very loud and disturbing “boom”.
To tired to look out my window I went back to sleep but I think it’s weird and very frightening I live in California. Pismo beach to be exact. Right by the beach. Probably fireworks during a party, no?

Orange County loud booms – July 26 2014

Hello, I live in Orange, California. I heard a first loud boom around midnight, my cat jumped from my lap, at first I thought it was Disney’s fireworks then realized the time. The second Boom was at 3.40 am (I stay up to study). I really wonder what could they be?? Mystery?

Loud booms in Kennesaw in Georgia – July 25 2014

In Kennesaw GA, between 1am and 1:45am, loud booms in the sky, no aircraft visible, very dark and quiet night otherwise. Booms kept me up, cats were trembling. I believe these were explosive army trainings. 

Loud booms Amador County in California – July 24 2014

For several years, as is happening as I write this, startling and loud boom-type noises are occurring. I live on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mts in California in Amador County. The boom-type sounds I hear seem to come from above, almost always transpire in late morning or early afternoon, and often are intense (or near enough?) that my windows rattle. I have inquired at the Sheriff as well as local quarries and military bases within 100 miles of my location; no one knows anything. I would say these booming noises are related to earthquakes or at least to ground activity in the region.

Mystery booms and loud metallic strange sounds heard in Pennsylvania – July 23 2014

We live in Western PA & last night around 2:00 A.M. we heard the exact same sound as in the video posted above. We thought it sounded metallic, like railroad beams scraping each other, but they were moving from the backyard across the street, to between our house and a neighbor’s home & then turned right quickly & went into other neighbor’s back yards. I knew it could not have been an animal I walked around the house today, in that area, and the grass was disturbed a little in a tiny zig-zag motion, between our home & the neighbor’s where we heard it. The area it started from abuts the woods, so at first I thought a deer or a coyote, but it was too metallic sounding to be an animal. Then, I found your site, & we both listened to the recording. This is it!!! I don’t know what it is, but it’s identical to what we heard. Could it have been a jet, helicopter, I don’t know, but I would have seen the “down” lights if so…really creepy. This

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  1. In Merced County the whole month of July early-morning and afternoon there has been loud explosions or sonic booms. Strange…

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