Interactive Shark Attack Map: This Map Shows EVERY Reported Shark Attack Worldwide Since 1580


This post presents an interactive shark attack map.

This map reports every shark attack worldwide since 1580! And there aren’t nearly as many as you might think!

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This map of EVERY reported shark attack worldwide since 1580 is very informative.. Photo: FLMNH Ichthyology Department

The interactive map from the Florida Museum of Natural History features every reported shark attack worldwide since 1580. Yes every single one!

Most reported attacks occur in the 20th and 21st centuries. Presumably because of better recordkeeping or because hanging out at the beach for fun is a relatively new phenomenon.

But with that in mind, the number of reported unprovoked fatal shark attacks since 1580 is . . . only a measly 492. To put that in context, humans kill that many sharks every 2.5 minutes!

This interactive shark attack map is very informative. It allows you to zoom in on specific regions, to sort by species when known and to classify search results by “Attacks”, “Fatal Attacks”, and “Year of Last Fatality”.  Go and try it!

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