Strange Animal Behavior: Snakes Playing Dead (Hognose And Cobra)


Snakes playing dead? I’ve never known that ever actually happened in nature!

Yes, discover in this post two types of snake that play dead when threatened! Amazing!

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Hognose playing dead! Amazing snake behavior. Photo: Youtube video
Hognoses are cool. They almost always play dead like this when threatened, then if you come back later they’ve slipped away. They are rear fanged too (and slightly venomous, though I’ve never heard of humans having issues from a bite) so pretty safe to pick up between the acting dead part and how good they have to bite you to even do the slightest bit of damage. Hognoses don’t bite in self defense though. And if you some how managed to force one to do so you only have a slight chance of experiencing some swelling at the “bite” site.

The snake actually stuck its tongue out. As if the snake learned how to play dead by watching cartoons. Also the fact that he thinks he has to be upside down to look dead. Those rolls are hilarious!

But wait a second… OMG!

There is also a snake behaving like this in South Africa. It’s called a rinkhals, and it’s a surprisingly common snake. The only difference is that, unlike the hognose, the rinkhals is a highly venomous spitting cobra. Oh look a dead cobra! Check this video out:

These snakes playing dead are absolutely awesome and some kind of terrifying, especially concerning the cobra.

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