Watch The Terrifying Moment A Giant Crocodile Chases A Boy Swimming In Mexico


He absolutely wanted to swim in waters even locals dare not swim in.

And suddenly, he stumbled upon a huge croc lurking for food!

Now, watch the terrifying moment a giant crocodile chases this too adventurous boy.

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The terrifying moment a giant crocodile chases a swimmer in Sian Ka’an, Mexico. Video: Youtube

This young man took a dip in waters locals dare not swim in and that’s where he met a giant reptile in Sian Ka’an, Mexico.

Watching the footage, the swimmer must be thanking his lucky stars. He was indeed rescued from the jaws of this huge reptile by witnesses, which threw an object at the creature from a nearby bridge. Baffled, the giant croc stopped his pursuit.

This terrifying video was caught by Manuel Cerrara. According to him the boy was lucky the croc is fed regularly by tourists and fishermen.

Otherwise… Well I do not want to think what would have happened to him otherwise! Stay safe!

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