Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting: The 1492 Light Sighting


During his first trip, Christopher Columbus sighted an UFO.

This event is known as the 1492 light sighting… Probably one of the first in the world!

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Columbus ufo sighting – The 1492 light sighting

The 1492 light sighting was a sighting of unknown light during the first voyage of Columbus on October 11, 1492, by some crew members of Santa Maria, Pinta and possibly Niña shortly before the landing on Guanahani.

Columbus described the light as “a small wax candle that rose and lifted up, which to few seemed to be an indication of land”. He received the royal reward for the sighting. His son Ferdinand also characterized it as a candle, that went up and down.

Was it a fire torch or bioluminescence? I think we will never know!

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