Fireball Explodes Over Albuquerque, New Mexico (VIDEO)


A fireball exploded and lit up Albuquerque’s northwest sky around 4:43 am on September 8, 2014.

It was captured by Sandia National Laboratories cameras in the New Mexico’s sky!

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A bright fireball lit up the sky of Albuquerque on September 8 2014. Photo:

Sandia National Laboratories cameras were rolling early Monday morning as a bright flash soared across the Albuquerque sky. Sandia officials said the flash was a bolide, which is a very bright fireball. The fireball was the brightest sky object captured by Sandia in the past couple of years.

According to witnesses, the sky lit up the sky and virtually the whole city.  Others say, they saw a bright rocket-like light come down to earth.

Fireball explodes in ABQ’s sky? Yes! Did you see this bullet-shape object yellow in the middle with a blue tail?

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